When the
Dancing Stopped

The Real Story of the Morro Castle Disaster
and It's Deadly Wake

“Brian Hicks’s When the Dancing Stopped solves the
72-year-old mystery of what caused a luxury liner to go up in smoke off the coast of New Jersey.”
—Vanity Fair

“A suspenseful, highly satisfying read.”
—Kirkus Reviews

When the Dancing Stopped is a solid addition to the literature of sea disasters, an endearing subject that combines the attributes of history and adventure – with which Brian Hicks has amalgamated the mystery story. He has exceeded the requirements of his meticulously researched account by establishing the blame for the Morro Castle catastrophe.”
—Matthew J. Bruccoli, a
uthor of
Some Sort of Epic Grandeur:
The Life of F. Scott Fitzgerald

Morro Castle

The Morro Castle at sea

Morro life Boat

A lifeboat with survivors from the Morro Castle fire

Morro Castle deck

Rescue workers examining the aft deck of the ship after the disaster. The clothing was shed by passengers just before they jumped into the sea.